Your Wedding


I am an expert in planning and arranging weddings. On average, I plan about 5 weddings a month. My planning service is individually tailored to the client’s needs. I offer two types of services: full wedding planning and partial wedding planning.

Full Wedding Planning Services

This service is for those clients who want complete support for their big day. I try to build strong relationship with our clients; this helps me to provide better output. I provide outstanding weddings which are well planned and unique. I sit with my clients in a one-to-one basis in a number of occasions discussing in detail what they want. I ask as many questions as possible so that I can get the right concept of the wedding. Based on their requirements, I develop a plan and show them. I make necessary amendments according to their feedback. After approving the plan,

I contact my network of various vendors and start working on the project. As I’ve been working with the same vendors for many years, a strong relationship exists among us. The vendors know there job well and will give you the best support.


Partial Wedding Planning Services

We get many clients who want us to get involved in only certain aspects of their wedding. The couple probably already has a plan, but wants to bring a professional on board. For example, client may need my help in selecting a good venue or creating a budget. Even with partial wedding planning service, I consult with the clients all the time so that they are not disappointed with my work.

As a wedding planner, I act as a point of contact for all vendors. I’m responsible for all the works. So far I’ve not received any complain about my work. I give attention to detail. I provide quote only after our first consultation session. So, hire me as your wedding planner and let me give you a flawless wedding event.