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Benefits of Hiring a Marquee

Are you planning to organize a party? A marquee can be of great benefit. It can help your event appear excellent. Why don’t you hire it?

Marquee, also known as the tent has gone up in its popularity quotient very rapidly. They have become so common that more and more people have become aware of the benefits of using a marquee in an event or a party. Perhaps the greatest advantage is that they can be planned as your convenience. There are many who believe that marquee only provides shade, but it has much more functionalities.

The article will highlight the benefits of hiring  marquee and the reasons why you need a bar.

Make your event appear impressive

Who doesn’t want to make his/her event look spectacular and impressive? You might have invested thousands of dollars to make your event look good, but must have failed because you lacked the idea about hiring a marquee. Don’t hesitate any more to hire a marquee and make your event dramatically beautiful.

Perfect for exterior/outdoor events and parties

It doesn’t matter what kind of outoor event you are organizing. When you conduct a party outside on the lawn or garden area, you need to be concerned about the weather conditions. You can enjoy and have the best of memories because you don’t have to worry about the weather situations. Marquees are specialized tents that are designed in a manner that they offer protection to the interior, even from rain, snow and storms. Wedding parties are usually organized with marquees.

 Freedom of choosing the venue or location

Once you have decided that you must to hire marquee for your event or party, you get the freedom of choosing any location or venue of your choice. Whether you want to set it up in a village, country side, ground, beach side or any open setting, a marquee will never give you any scope of getting disappointed. What can be better than this?

Choose the design of your choice

When you invest money in a hotel or resort for your party, you don’t get the option of choosing the designs in respect to the color theme, drapes and the decoration. The case is simply the opposite when you organize a marquee for your event. You get to choose your very own furniture, ligting fixtures, drapes and decoration etc.

Cost effective and economical

It has been found that hiring a marquee for your event is way less expensive and budget friendly when compared to renting a hotel or resort. This is perhaps one of the prime reasons for the high popularity and recognition of such tents all over the world. Research the market well before you invest money and hire any marquee service provider.

Get to choose your own caterer

Whether you are organizing a wedding event, business meeting, seminar or any party and get together, food is one of the essential elements that people remember the event for. When you rent a resort or a hotel, the majority of the time you don’t get the option of chosing your own caterer and have to settle with whatever is provided. With the set of marquee, you can select your own caterer.

The above mentioned are the top five reasons for hiring a marquee for organizing an event or a party.

10 quick tips about weddings

A wedding is a reunion of two hearts and two souls. If you are recently planning to tie the knot, there are certain tips and tricks that you should consider. These are some of the best tips that will help you for your wedding.

The guests come in first

You would need estimation on the number of guests who would be arriving at the wedding venue. You accordingly need to sort out space to accommodate the number of people. The main thumb rule is, allow at least 25 to 30 square feet per guest.

Greet each guest

It is important to greet each and every guest who comes in for your wedding so that they feel welcomed

It is important to investigate the blackout dates for a wedding

It is always important to plan your wedding on a day when there are no blackout dates, like a curfew in town, a festival that people would not like to miss out on or a weekday when everyone would like going to the office. Also, avoid days when there are charity shows, political processions and more. This could affect availability of rooms, traffic congestions and your wedding in whole.

Always consider nature

Your wedding is always special and you would like your guests to be comfortable. This means that your wedding dates should be set in cool and comfortable winter where you would get the feeling of comfort and can eat to your heart’s content as well. Try and avoid the summer and rainy seasons. If you are searching for a good marquee hire, then the Cap Marquees Essex is the best marquee that offers you an assortment of service with trained and well equipped people

Make a meal plan

It is important that you plan a good meal that comprises of all kinds of vegetarian and non vegetarian food for people. Make sure that you do not serve the same meal to your guests and the vendors. Choose a hearty and an affordable meal that is not only tasty and delicious but affordable as well. Don’t forget to finish off and treat your friends and family to personalised sweet bags by Tabetha’s Touch.

Prioritize your guests

It is always important to prioritize your guests or you would be ending up with a whole list of people and paying more. Place immediate importance to your family and then your friends. Then consider calling your neighbors after making the entire list, start cutting down based on order of importance.

Provide accurate directions of the location

It is important to place accurate directions of the location, because you would not like your guests to roam all around finding the venue. You can also tender the responsibility of direction on Cap Marquees Essex.

Learning about the wedding license

Did you know that wedding is invalid without a license? It is important to get registered right after or before the wedding so that your wedding can be termed legal and valid. Don’t let this be ruined, make sure every important person that’s organising the wedding process has undergone a CRB Check. You’ll thank us!

Always keep some money with you

It is always important to keep some money along with you so that you can use it in the wedding if required.

Keep your ceremony short and brief

Keep your ceremony and proceedings short and simple for everyone to enjoy

Follow these simple wedding tips and your wedding would be enjoyable


Choosing the Best Limo Company for Your Wedding

Your wedding is an important event in your life that you want to remember for the rest of your life, right? You want it to be the best memory that’s why you try the best you can to make that day really special. However, when your budget is tight you might not be able to realise your dream grand wedding. Fortunately, there’s a way that you can make your wedding day extra special with a huge effect. That’s what the best wedding limo service can do for you. Another option open to you is a chance to hire the car of your dreams with Supercar Hire. With some of the best cars around the world available to you, you should definitely consider it.

When it comes to making your wedding day hugely grand, a limo service is the perfect addition. With the bride riding with a luxurious limo service to the church, your wedding is certain to have grand effect right off the start. So even when the wedding is not as grand in terms of other aspects, you can certainly make it a good memory to chose a limo wedding company. But with a lot of limo wedding company to choose from, how can you choose the best one?

In order to get the best limo-wedding service that suits your needs, doing a little research about your prospect limo companies will help. Here are some tips to remember when you do your research for choosing the best limo service:

  • How many people with be in the ride?

Before you choose the limo service, think first how many people will be riding the limo aside from the groom and bride? In most cases, the immediate families come with the groom and bride so you have to consider them. Usually, in cases like these renting two limos for the bride and her family as well as for the groom and his family is the idea.

  • Get more information about your prospect limo service company.

Once you determined the number of people who will be riding with the limo and the number of limos to rent as well, you can start looking for the right limo service that can satisfy your needs. When you research about the limo service, focus on:

  • Years the business has been operating as well as credentials
  • The fleet or types of vehicles available for you to choose from
  • The price so that you don’t get stuck with a bill you didn’t expect
  • Reviews and referral to know if former customers are happy with their service

These are information you need to know intimately so you can make an informed decision on which limo service you think fits your needs. This way as well, you can easily factor the other aspects of the wedding to the limo service you are renting. With this, you can be sure that everything will go smoothly and you can truly have the best wedding you dream of.

Lastly, when you have chosen the right limo wedding service, make sure that there is clear contract. This is the last piece that will assure you that the limo service for your wedding will held out to the deal of giving you the best ride in your most special day.

If you happen to damage the wheels when . hiring the limo, be sure to find a highly recommended alloy wheel repair company.They will ensure that you return the limo to its owner, they won’t be able to notice a thing.