The Perfect Wedding Dress

Women plan their perfect wedding dress, to match that perfect wedding ring before they even have a wedding. In fact before they even find a relationship they plan their dress. So its safe to say that wedding dresses are a very big part of a wedding and extremely important to the bride to be.  Perhaps what may be even more important is the Orla James eternity wedding band. Men tend to stay out the way when it comes to picking a wedding dress and rightly so. Because a wedding dress is what a woman will be wearing to marry the love of her life so you could say that it’s the most important dress she’ll ever wear.

Here are some wedding dresses that made 2015 memorable. They really are beautiful so why not get some inspiration if you’re looking out for your perfect dress.

Spaghetti Straps

Strapless dresses are very popular amongst bridal gowns but sometimes opting for thin straps can give a dress a whole new look. It’s also a way to draw less attention form your shoulders if you have a more sportier figure.

Cropped Top Dress

This is an interesting take on a wedding dress and is a great choice if you want to avoid the traditional wedding dress.

The Hollywood Slit

This is for the more adventurous of brides. A raunchy twist on the traditional plain dress. In this you’re bound to have all eyes on you.


A sleeved dress is a perfect dress for those that may want to cover up a bit more. Just because you have sleeves doesn’t mean your dress has to be conservative and boring. Sleeves can be beautiful and elegant.

Tulle And Ruffles

These are for those that want a more dramatic dress. There are lots of different styles of tulle and ruffles including asymmetrical drapes or cascading tiers.

What good is having the perfect dress and looking absolutely beautiful if you can’t have proof to show others. If you a hire a videographer you can be sure that everyone whether it’s a distant cousin that you only see every 10 years or your bestfriend who has to hear about your wedding all the time will see your photos. Don’t forget to visit Silky Smooth before the big day so you’re not caught out on any full body shots! And you’ll have a video of the happiest day of your life.