4 most exotic places to get married


While some people like to have their wedding in their home town or the city they live in, there are a great number of people who like destination weddings. Here are some exotic places to get married.

Amalfi Coast, Italy


Italy is a very romantic place, particularly the Amalfi Coast. The place is so picturesque that it will completely take you breath away. You can choose the Ravello town which is a very old town with spectacular vistas. You can also choose the beautiful town of Positano if you want something near the sea side. There are centuries-old churches where you can take your vows. There are a number of good family-owned restaurants from which you can arrange your food for the event.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Bellagio’s Terraza Di Sogna

Most weddings that take place in Las Vegas are well planned. Thousands of people choose this city as their wedding venues every year. You can have a private ceremony on Bellagio’s Terraza Di Sogna where you will find the waters of the popular fountains dancing in the background. You can also have wedding at the Graceland Chapel. Many celebrity weddings have taken place in this place. The chapel has all the equipment to broadcast your wedding moment online with your friends.

Maui, Hawaii


This place is world-renowned for surf and other activities. There are lots of beautiful resorts here, so the couple can have a good time. There are wonderful sandy beaches. The place is extremely romantic. Imagine taking your vows on the sandy beach.



It is a lovely place to have your wedding. The place is extremely romantic. It has preserved it’s pristine white sand beaches well. There are cobalt-blue water and green mountains. There are luxury hotels all around. So, you and your guests will be able to accommodate.

All these destinations are exotic. Having your wedding in these venues will be fun and unique. You can start your day by observing beautiful nature together.